Dharmacon, as a leader in custom RNA synthesis, was an early player in the field of RNA interference, contributing several key scientific findings and some of the first commercially siRNA reagents. Today, their areas of research and research tools have expanded to support all aspects of RNAi interference; siRNA, lentiviral shRNA, tools for microRNA research and genome-scale libraries for RNAi functional screens of genes, microRNAs and long non-coding RNAs. For over-expression, Dharmacon has one of the largest collections of cDNAs and ORFs commercially available.

CRISPR-Cas9 Gene Editing

  • CRISPR Guide RNA
  • Cas9 Nuclease
  • CRISPR Controls
  • CRISPR Screening Libraries
  • CRISPR Design Tool
  • HDR Donor Designer
  • HDR Donor Templates
  • Ready-made Cell Lines

RNA Interference

  • siRNA
  • shRNA
  • microRNA
  • RNAi Screening Libraries
  • RNAi Controls
  • Ancillary Reagents
  • Transfection Reagents for small RNA
  • RNA single and double strand customer synthesis

CRISPR Activation

  • CRISPRa Guide RNA
  • Edit-R dCas9-VPR
  • CRISPRa Controls
  • CRISPRa Screening Libraries

cDNAs and ORFs

  • Mammalian cDNAs
  • Mammalian ORFs
  • Non-mammalian cDNAs & ORFs
  • cDNA & ORF Libraries
  • Trans-Lentivial ORF and shRNA Packaging systems
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