BioCision, makers of the CoolBox, Coolcell and more, make products designed to improve standardization and eliminate variability in temperature-sensitive sample handling, storage, and transport. BioCision products are now the top choice for biomedical research and manufacturing teams that require standards in precision, consistency, and reproducibility. The intuitive design and interconnectivity of BioCision products enable a new standard of integrity of temperature-sensitive therapeutics, biological samples, and biomaterials.

BioCision provides a range of products designed to protect temperature-sensitive therapeutics, biological samples and biomaterials.

  • CoolCell® Cell Freezing Containers
  • CoolBox™ Ice-Free Cooling Systems
  • CoolRack® Tube Cooling Modules
  • CoolSink® Plate Cooling Modules
  • ThermalTray™ Cooling Platforms
  • TruCool® Hinged CryoBoxes
  • TruCool® Leak-Proof Cryogenic Vials
  • TruCool® Ice pans and buckets
  • TruCool® Lab Accessories
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