Inventia develop solutions to create advanced cell models and help forward-thinking pioneers in the fields of drug discovery and biomedical research to create human tissue for research and therapy.

Inventia’s systems create advanced cell models which most closely and predictably imitate real human tissue structure and behaviour across a range of disease states. This physiological complexity offers an environment in which world-class research and discovery can occur, right in your own lab.

RASTRUM™ Experience - A simple platform to create advanced cell models in standard well plates that are compatible with your existing experimental workflow.

RASTRUM™ advanced cell models integrate seamlessly with your workflows, allowing generation of high-quality and reproducible data at scale. With our deep expertise, intuitive system and consistent matrix performance, implementing advanced cell models has never been easier.

  • Controlled and gentle placement of cells
  • Low volume handling with negligible loss of precious samples
  • Full software-guided operation, maintenance and autocleaning
  • Compact form factor for benchtop use
  • In-built and integrated clean chamber with dual HEPA filtration
  • Patented printhead with 4 independently addressable dispensing valve pairs




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