LevitasBio has developed the first truly novel approach to cellular analysis in 30 years with a powerful method of cellular analysis. This label-free magnetic levitation technology enables researchers to rescue and achieve higher quality and quantity of cells without introducing bias, high pressure, and modifications to gene expression profiles, thus ensuring the integrity of downstream data and analysis.

Using Magnetic Levitation Technology, LevitasBio’s instruments and assay kits leverage the power of levitation to accurately detect, quantify, enrich and test cells. This label-free unbiased and gentle technique requires minimal time and handling, creating a truly game-changing tool for advancing the fields of Immunology, Oncology, Stem Cells, Large Cell/ Organoid, Single Cell Sequencing, Bacteriology Infectious diseases and more.

A powerfully simple workflow for label-free cell enrichment and purification

Introducing the first platform that purifies cells and nuclei in minutes without any markers or modifications.  Prior to running any downstream cellular analysis or expansion, researchers can levitate their sample of interest to focus on the cells that matter – regardless of starting cell number, viability, or purity.

The LeviCell™ delivers simple, label-free cell separation in a fast, reliable and gentle workflow to prepare your samples for better results.








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