Astero Bio Corporation specializes in the development and commercialization of next-generation tools to aid in multiple stages of the life cycles of biologics. Astero Bio’s ThawSTAR® Automated Cell Thawing Systems are designed to replace uncontrolled and highly variable manual methods, de-risking the therapeutic cell thawing process and optimizing cell efficacy. An industry first, ThawSTAR systems optimize cell thawing using a customizable algorithm for each unique cell therapy product and protocol. These systems advance the physical management of biologics by providing safe, controlled and scalable processing of temperature-sensitive samples and products.

Astero Bio Corporation specializes in novel tools for cryopreservation and cold chain management of cells and other biologics.

  • ThawSTAR® CB
  • ThawSTAR® AT6
  • ThawSTAR® CFT2
  • ThawSTAR® CFT1.5
  • ThawSTAR® CFT2 Confirmation Vials
  • ThawSTAR Preventative Maintenance and Limited Warranty
  • IOP Qualification Packet
  • BioT™ ULT Transporter
  • BioT™ LN2 Transporter
  • BioT™ Mobile Workstation
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