GE Healthcare Life Sciences strive to develop breakthrough products that inspire customers to push the limits of imaginative science. GE Life Science products include leading products for protein purification thru FPLC (Akta range), protein interaction (Biacore) and process filtration. GE offers a full range of Western Blot and genomics reagents, as well as Gel Imaging systems (Typhoon Range), Cell Imaging systems (DeltaVision), High Content screening instruments (Incell), and of course the full Hyclone range of Cell culture products.

Protein Chromatography Products

  • AKTA chromatography systems with Unicorn s/w: AKTA start, AKTA pure, AKTA avant
  • Chromatography Resins and Packed Columns for protein and antibody purification
  • Empty chromatography columns

Protein Analysis reagents

  • Electrophoresis and IEF
  • Western Blotting accessories and equipment
  • Blotting papers, membranes, kits and reagents
  • SDS-PAGE and 2D protein electrophoresis
  • Reagents for protein Labeling and detection
  • Autoradiography films and accessories
  • Reagents and kits for Lysis, extraction, sample cleanup and enrichment

Gel and Blot Imaging systems

  • Amersham Imager 680 Blot and Gel Imager
  • Amersham Typhoon Gel and Blot Imager
  • Amersham Typhoon NIR and NIR Plus
  • ImageQuant LAS 500 Chemiluminescence CCD Imager
  • Typhoon FLA 9500

Biacore SPR systems and label-free detection products

  • Biacore 8k and 8k+, SPR systems
  • Biacore C SPR system
  • Biacore S200, T200, and X100
  • Full range of buffers, sensor chips, reagents, vials accessories, and software.

Molecular Biology and Biochem reagents

  • Biochemicals, additives and buffers
  • Cloning reagents
  • DNA and RNA extraction kits
  • Nucleic Acid Electrophoresis systems and kits
  • Protein and NA sample collection kits for biofluids
  • PCR and amplification kits and reagents
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